Questions that I have often encountered in the process of working with texts performed on order, and answers to them.


What is your work speed? How many pages per day can you process, from beginning to end?

Olha Zikrataia:

I can process up to 50–70 pages per day, depending on the complexity of the text.


Is it possible to pay the cost of services in rubles or other currency?

Olha Zikrataia:

On the Home page in the "Cost of services" section and on the Order payment page, you can choose the currency that suits you from the possible: US dollars, rubles, euros or hryvnias.

Sergey, manager:

What projects have you worked on? What type of documents do you process?

Olha Zikrataia:

I work with a wide variety of types of documents, but basically, in Word format. You can familiarize yourself with examples of my work on the page of my Portfolio.

Ivan, Director of an international company:

Your work experience: general experience in this specialty, have you had permanent work in this area, are there any letters of recommendation from former employers, and where i can see all this?

Olha Zikrataia:

General work experience – more than 19 years, including permanent jobs. There are Reviews of my work and letters of recommendation in the Portfolio section.

Vladimir, top manager:

How do you accept payment for your services? Can I pay for your work in several different ways, because not every payment method suits me?

Olha Zikrataia:

Yes, you can pay for my work in several ways, from anywhere in the world. All of these methods are listed on the Order Payment page. In case none of the proposed options suits you, tell me about your preferred payment method and I will try to find an opportunity to use this method.