Мachine against translators

Machine translation is a very useful thing if you need to translate a product label or some article for interesting reading, but for work and business this is definitely not the best option. Trust me, I know what Iʼm talking about.

There are several types of machine translation systems

50 essential strategies from Roy Peter Clark

There are many useful books for authors. It would seem, why would I recommend them to my potential clients? So that they turn to editors and proofreaders less often? But I will, because we all do a common thing – we create competent useful texts. Therefore, I will dedicate several posts on my blog to Roy Peter Clarkʼs book “50 Essential

Do you know who is the holy patron of translators?

Interpreters and translators have been celebrating their professional holiday since 1953, when the International Federation of Translators was established. In 1991 he received international status. In 2017, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the importance of translation in the League of

What are you afraid and the editor is not afraid

Even a very literate person may not notice their own mistakes. This is fine. But many do not notice them because they are afraid. Yes, they are afraid of the text and the fact that it may have to be shortened. Or simplify. Or do something else with it, and you tried so hard, wrote for so long.

7 sings of a quality translation

I have been translating for many years. During this time, I have formulated for myself a list of characteristics that distinguish a translation made by a professional performer of high quality.

It includes 7 items. Based on them, you can

Something about ancientcorrectors

Proofreader and editor – these people working with texts did not appear today. And not even yesterday or the day before yesterday. Such work has been in demand since the texts themselves appeared. Today I will talk about them and their work in ancient times. Interesting information about my

Top-3 films about translators

This is an interesting and challenging profession. The translator is the person on whom mutual understanding, the quality and the result of the dialogue depend. Therefore, it simply could not be that a movie was not made about them. And completely different genres.
It can be a melodrama, and

How editors work

Those who have never encountered text editing know almost nothing about how it is built. What does an editor do? What about a corrector? Isn't it the same thing? In general, the editor rewrites the author's text!

The last statement is fundamentally wrong – the editor helps the

5 interesting facts about translations

Which authorʼs books have been translated most often? What languages are books translated into most often? What is the most translated book in the world? Today I will tell you 5 interesting facts that you might not know.

1. Most often in the world, the works of

5 interesting facts about words and texts

Do you know how many letters are in the longest word in the world? What is the shortest alphabet? Today I will tell you 5 interesting facts about words, letters and texts. Begin.
The longest word in the world

The full name of the largest known titin

Why do you need an interpreter?

Translating a text is about overcoming a language barrier for better
communication. Professional translation is a complex process in which the
translator seeks to express the meaning of a text in one language using the medium

5 books for the author and editor

You can't become a professional just by reading a lot of books on your subject. It takes experience. But to start or to work with your own texts, books are definitely useful. This is the knowledge that will help make the text better.

Tips from a professional editor on how to proofread text

In general, it is my job to edit your texts. But sometimes the editor is not around, and then you have to take over his duties. Here are seven helpful tips from a professional on how to proofread your text yourself.