I welcome you to my personal website!

My name is Olha Zikrataia. I am a professional literary editor, corrector, translator of texts, fond of psychology, and indeed a very versatile person.

The success of your work largely depends on the correct design of the text. Potential buyers and customers pay great attention to this in our time. Do you want your texts to be read easily? That they were correctly written?

I'm at your service.

How can I help you?

First of all, I provide rewriting, proofreading and literary editing services.

As for the rewrite, everyone who has come across with this type of activity understands that not only experience, but also talent is needed here. It is talent that makes it possible to correctly, competently and tastefully change the text so that its meaning is not lost, and reading the material brings pleasure and benefit!

And now about proofreading and literary editing. An author, even with the brightest and most ingenious ideas, can’t always express his thoughts beautifully, competently, holistically.

I suggest you the following:

  • correction of spelling and grammatical errors;
  • editing punctuation;
  • elimination of logical and stylistic errors in the text;
  • correction of syntax errors;
  • translation of texts between Russian, Ukrainian, English, Polish in both directions in relation to Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Correction and editing is what makes your text interesting, vivid and unusual. Every word, every punctuation mark and correctly constructed sentence can make your text "lively" and rich.

As you know, the subject of translation is in great demand now. Do you need a quality translation?

Then feel free to contact me! I have a better value for money of services than my colleagues!

I have been working in this field since 2001, I have wide experience and I am always happy to work equally with regular customers and with new people. My services will be useful to journalists, bloggers, website administrators and copywriters!

The main reasons why you should contact me:

– I know Russian and Ukrainian languages well and have wide experience in the field of literary editing, proofreading and translation of texts;

– For many years I have been professionally engaged in translating texts between Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Estonian and Latin in both directions in relation to Russian and Ukrainian languages;

– I am always glad to cooperate with new customers, help in choosing a style, suggest the right solution that will make your literary work unique and incredibly interesting!