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Literary editing

Literary editing includes two stages of word processing. You pay not two, but one service, while the efficiency and effectiveness of text processing is much better!

A clearly defined syllable, perfect knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian languages, the ability to correctly and concisely express thoughts, as well as vast experience makes it possible to quickly and efficiently fulfill your orders!

Written professional translation

High-quality professional translation of texts of any complexity from Russian into Ukrainian and from Ukrainian into Russian, as well as the following languages: English, Polish.

The main subject of translation: technical, legal, social sciences, economics. Translations of texts and other subject are also possible.


Proofreading is most relevant in materials of informational or journalistic styles, but it is also necessary in literary texts! Perfect literacy, compliance with all the rules of punctuation and spelling – this is about the work of the corrector.

This service can be provided both independently and be included in the literary editing service.


Quality of work

For many years of work in this area, an optimal process has been formed with multiple proofreading, quality control and compliance with all language standards.


The timing of your order will depend on the total amount of text, on the type of editing. In any case, you will get a high-quality result within the time period agreed in advance with you.



Respect for privacy and copyrights. None of the strangers will know about the content of your text and the changes that it underwent during editing.

Always in touch

For feedback, we use popular instant messengers, messages on social networks, e-mail and phone, available both during business hours and during off-hours.

Service cost


$2 / A4

  • error correction:
  • Russian, Ukrainian

  • Excluded:
  • editing,
  • text translation
  • English, Polish


$3 / A4

  • error correction,
  • editing:
  • Russian, Ukrainian

  • Excluded:
  • text translation
  • English, Polish

Text Translation

$5 / A4

  • error correction.
  • text translation:
  • Russian, Ukrainian, English, Polish

  • Excluded:
  • editing the original,
  • translation editing
Input data for service cost calculation:
  • 1 page of source text A4
  • 1800 characters with spaces
  • 14pt Times New Roman 1.5 interval
  • Fixed value*

* – fixed value means that the cost of services is linked to the current dollar rate. The value in dollars does not change and nothing affects it..

Are you looking for a professional literary editor, proofreader or text translator who works in the shortest possible time and at optimal prices? You have come to the right place!

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My name is Olha Zikrataia. I am a professional literary editor, corrector, translator of texts, fond of psychology, and indeed a very versatile person.

I suggest you the following:

  • correction of spelling and grammatical errors;
  • editing punctuation;
  • elimination of logical and stylistic errors in the text;
  • correction of syntax errors;
  • translation of texts between Russian, Ukrainian, English, Polish in both directions in relation to Russian and Ukrainian languages.


Stage 1


To get started, you need to place an order for the performance of work on the service you have chosen and send the source files.
Stage 2


After receiving all the necessary information on your order, we will determine and agree on the timing of its implementation, drawing up a work schedule.
Stage 3

Cost calculation

To get started, you need to calculate the cost of work according to the volume, complexity and established rates. Also, a discount for the provision of services is taken into account, depending on the volume of work.
Stage 4

Advance payment

A prerequisite is an advance payment of 50% of the estimated cost determined in Step 4, including discounts. Payment methods may depend on the country in which you are located and will be discussed with you.
Stage 5


In the process of performing work, additional questions may arise related to text processing. Also, in the process of order fulfillment – sending results and making changes (edits), if necessary.
Stage 6

Sending the result

After you accept all the corrections and additions created in the process of work, you pay the remaining amount in the manner specified in Step 4. After confirming the payment, you will be sent the result of the work, completely completed. After that, you can leave feedback on the work done on this site.


Do you need to order professional literary editing, proofreading or translation of texts of any complexity, in the shortest possible time and at the best cost?

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